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Chris & Becky Homko

Do you need help getting things done?

Are you are a business owner and entrepreneur and find you are booked solid every day trying to make sales and meeting often with clients? Or, do you find yourself micromanaging your business, doing all the busy work that helps grow and maintain your businesses?

Why are YOU, the best salesperson your company has sitting in the office all day working on a “To Do” list that never seems to get done? You need help, and we can assist you!

Today’s Events & Business Services can help you with your “To Do” list!




So what is on your “To Do” list that you can’t get done?

  • Setting up and Managing Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media
  • Websites 
  • Planning and Managing Events

These are just a few of the services we can offer to you and your business! Whether you an independent sales agent or a small business owner who needs help for just a few hours, we are here to help you complete your to do list and grow your business!


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